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Back Into Focus

But not the same one!

Got a good deal on a 2010 Focus SE with only 45k miles. Super clean. Engine was nigh spotless.

It is a huge difference going from a SPI SOHC engine to a 2.0L Duratec engine! Oh, and the car is black. It is really nice looking...when clean...
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Out of Focus...

So the Focus died the other day. Threw a rod. :(

I don't know what went only had 252,000 miles on it.

I'm actually looking at a 2010 Focus. We'll see.
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Weighty update.

I've joined as a way to help track my activities and food and whatnot... If you are a member my user name is, shockingly, hbar98. If you aren't a member, and are looking for a little support, I strongly suggest joining. It is free, and they have apps for Android and iOS.

By way of a little update, I have been trying to go to the gym as many days as I can, which usually ends up being between 4 to 6 days. I did manage to go to the gym 9 days straight, and then decided that wasn't the best idea. My rotater cuffs started to get very sore. Since I have to use my rotator cuffs on a daily basis, I decided that some change was in order.

Up until last wee I was doing a circuit where I did 6 stations, working just about every opposing muscle group above the waist as I could. This, in retrospect, was not a good idea.

I have broken my weight bearing workout into two different days. I have push days and pull days. Probably not the most technically correct terminology, but it'll do. On push days, I do lifting where I have to push against the weights, such as military press, chest press, that kind of thing. On pull days, I do exercises where I pull the weights, such as flys, lat pulls, and so on. Sundays I take the day off. Sometimes I take Wednesdays off, depending on how my shoulders feel.

On top of this I do aerobic exercises for 60 mins. So I'm in the gym for about an hour and a half.

And my weight hasn't budged in a week.

I've also set a ceiling of calorie intake of about 1700. I try not to go too much over, but I'm not going to cry if I hit 1900.

Ah well, I am down 10 pounds so far, and I know I'm losing is just a long process. I'm trying for the long haul here, not overnight success.

My goal is 175-ish by March (my brother's wedding is March Florida...before our cruise...yes...)

So...yeah. There you go. Have a great day!
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Workout? Workout!

Feelin''s what I've been doing on workouts the past week.

This week I had to start out slow. Been a while since I've been to the gym, and finding out that the reason for the acute pain in my shoulder may be due my clavicle not being where it should be (no clue why...not broken or misshapen, just not where it's supposed to be) enabled me to better tailor what I do to what my body can handle.

Last week I started with 30 mins of cardio, then did a circuit of several of the machines. I exercised at each machine for 1 set of 8 reps. I would continue the circuit until I could not continue with proper form.

Why machines? Because I don't have a spotter. My right shoulder could go out without warning and cause me great harm. Machines make it easier for me to keep that from happening.

I've been focusing on upper body. My lower body is...well...fine.

Circuit (and I'll take recommendations and critiques):

Military Press: 30-40lbs (depending on how my shoulder feels)
Chest Fly: 70lbs
Chest Press: 80lbs
Lat Pulldown: 110lbs
Triceps Extension: 60lbs
And the good old curls: 20lbs

I'll do 1 set of 8 reps, then move to the next machine. I can usually complete 2 good circuits with the 3rd getting difficult. If I start having bad form I'll either drop the weight down or just move on to the next machine. If I can do 3 circuits of 8 reps well on an individual machine, I bump up the weight.

So far I've done this 5x this week: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat. Wednesday was my day off. If I am able to manage my schedule, I would like to do an hour's worth of cardio (right now stationary bike) on Sunday, but we'll see.

My goal isn't to bulk up, per se, but to be healthier. Once I hit a point where I like how my body looks, I'll probably increase the reps and either keep the weight the same or bump it slightly down. I still need to be limber and have good range of motion for my job. :-)

Have a great day!
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Why such the long.....pause....

Random post, woo!

So, there's been a lot going one in the last few months. If I haven't mentioned it, I've been sidemoted further. I'm shipping and receiving for the Big Gold T. Which might become a Big Brown F. Trelleborg Automotive is entering into a partnership with a German company. We shall see if this is good or bad...

But, work. I have an office. My own office. It still seems a little weird. I didn't have the office to myself at first...actually, it was someone else's office that I moved in with, and then she moved to the new office complex that Trelleborg built. They are nice, but I have an office! Weird!

This is good and bad. It is good because I'm not on the line anymore, which means that my body is having ample time to recoup and repair itself. I haven't had any histo episodes to speak of, which is awesome, but...I'm not as mobile as I was and I've started to gain weight back. I'm back to 225. I've joined a gym with better hours than the other gym in town (a 24 hour one, woot!). I've just started, but I'm feeling good about it.


We had a health screening at work. My cholesterol is as follows: total cholesterol 134, hdl 31, triglycerides 119, ldl 79, glucose 96. Not too bad for a big guy like me.


Goop, my sourdough start, is doing well. I've made several loaves from him, and tonight I'm doing something is a cheese herb bread. We'll see how it turns out.


Still planning on driving to New York...assuming gas doesn't skyrocket! Going to Hershey! And other places...


Anyway, have a great day!
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Lots of stuff...

First, and hardest to talk about, is the one year realization that my sister took her own life. It is still something I think about. I have not been the best brother to my brother during this.

Work is going. I've been moved to Materials Manager...basically what I was doing a couple years ago when they decided that they didn't need a materials manager anymore. While having the old job back is okay, I'm a little weary about how long this may last. Apparently we are getting a 30k addition to the plant, and part of it is supposed to be turned into material storage. This would mean we would lose the floorspace over at the old warehouse, but at least everything would be under one roof, which is good.

I got a new phone! A Droid X. It has been awesome! Just don't integrate fb into your phone...had some major issues until I got rid of the integration.

Now, as has become a tradition, I'm looking for a custom graphic for my background. I think I'd like to use ideas from some of my modern storylines. Hmmm...James, werewolf and Bob against the wall with shadows of the bad guys coming at them? That would be cool. Any suggestions?

Have a great day!
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Late Late Night Ramblings...

"Why," said Mr. Sato, "It is almost as entertaining as Rexelplax's conundrum."

Martha looked confused. "Who is this Rexelplax, and what is his...or her...conundrum?"

"Ah, Rexelplax was a brilliantly insane mathematician whose work basically made time travel possible. And as far as his famous conundrum is concerned, there isn't a good English translation of his problem."

"Try me."

"Well, if you insist." Mr. Sato cleared his throat. "If I have two pigs and you have two pigs, who has the lemon?" He crossed his arms and smiled.

"What? Is that all?"

"Err, yes? Should there be more?"

"It's just that, well, I thought there would be some big mathematical or philosophical problem to the whole thing, but it sounds like a simple riddle."

"Are you mad? This problem is one of the keys to understanding time least in its original language. How can you call this a 'simple riddle'? If someone understood the answer to this problem the universe itself would collapse and something even more random and bizarre would spring forth from the ashes!"

"Easy. Rexelplax has the lemon."

Mr. Sato looked confused. "No, he said that he had two pigs. There are thousands of years of writings on this problem, and they all agree that Rexelplax has two pigs."

"Not when you speak the problem. When you tell me the conundrum you say that you have two pigs and I have two pigs. Since Rexelplax isn't speaking the problem himself but the question of who owns the lemon is still up in the air, it is obvious that Rexelplax has the lemon. He's had the lemon all this time, Mr. Sato, and nobody knew it."

He opened his mouth several times to refute the answer, only to close it every time. "Well, then that makes this the most strange and bizarre place in the world." Mr. Sato stood at attention. "Good day, madame! I'm off to...well, I don't know what I'm off to, but I'm sure to stay away from lemon trees from now on!"